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Movement Pilates is a boutique Reformer Pilates Studio located in the heart of Ellerslie Village. 

We like to think of the studio as a local spot, a place you can feel at home and relaxed in, whilst getting an outstanding, full-body workout and experience the highly effective benefits of Reformer Pilates.

Movement Pilates specialises in Reformer Pilates, using top of the line Allegro 2 Balanced Body machines from the US.

Our Studio focus' on personalisation, with six Reformers only, to ensure you get the utmost attention to form and support to reach your goals.

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At Movement, we have classes to suit all levels of fitness and experience, from beginner to advanced.

All classes are 45 minutes.

Essential Reformer

A full-body workout utilising the Reformer machine and various props such as the Pilates Ring, toning ball and hand weights.

Essential Reformer is designed to tone, strengthen and lengthen throughout the whole body. This class caters for participants of a beginner/intermediate level.

Dynamic Reformer

A faster paced workout designed for injury-free clients with previous experience of Reformer Pilates.

This class will elevate your heart rate using more advanced exercises, whilst targeting specific ares to create long, lean muscle tone and get results.

Private Classes

A wonderful option as a one-off introductory session to Reformer Pilates, or as a regular weekly appointment for optimal personalisation and time flexibility. 

1:1, 2:1 or private group classes for you and your friends are available for booking.

Prenatal Classes

Designed with the guidance of a Physiotherapist and Midwife, our prenatal classes are a safe and effective way to help with pregnancy and recovery from child birth.

We offer group classes and private sessions. Please contact us directly for more info, or read more on the FAQ page.


"Having been to various studios across Auckland, what I love about Movement Pilates and Sacha is the attention to detail and form. The classes burn, and oh my gosh, my abs and glutes hurt! But that's the beauty of it, it's effective and I notice I am becoming more toned and lean. The classes are always varied and fun and I feel so welcomed in the calmness of the studio."

—  Vanessa

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