Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book in? Can I just show up?
Due to our small class size we ask that all clients book in for every class. You can book in using our website through our online booking system Mindbody or by downloading the Mindbody app from the App store & searching for 'Movement Pilates & Yoga'. Once you enter the Mindbody system you can create a personal login, purchase, book & manage your classes there. Still having trouble? Contact us directly and we will help you out by booking you directly into a class. Our email is

I can't make my class - what do I do?

You may log into your Mindbody account or via the app and click "cancel" provided it is at least 12 hours prior to the class start time. If you are having difficulty with cancelling, please text Shannon on 021 254 3888. Within 12 hours, we ask that you 'late cancel' your class to allow someone else to take your spot. See cancellation policy below.

What is your cancellation policy?

We know that cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, however our classes are small & often have a waitlist. This is why our cancellation policy exists which all clients must adhere to. 

Group Classes:

Early Cancel - If you cancel at least 12hrs prior to class start time, your pass will be returned to your account to use for a future date - yay!
Late Cancel If you cancel less than 12hrs prior to class start time, your pass will be deducted from your account. 
No Show - If you do not show up & do not cancel, your pass will be deducted form your account. Please, if you think you wont make it to class, cancel as early as possible, as this allow others, who may b e on the on the waitlist, a chance to fill your spot


Please note -  if you are booked into the morning classes, we ask that you kindly cancel before 8pm the night before to allow waitlisted clients a chance to join.

Private Sessions: Cancellations need to be made at least 24 hours prior to avoid a 50% charge. 

Location & parking?

We are located at 123 Main Highway, down a little driveway opposite the Four Square - look for a big black & white sign. We do not have onsite parking, we recommend the 1 hour parking on side streets or the 3 hour free carpark on Arthur St. 

How early should I arrive?

We recommend arriving 5-10 minutes early to allow time to fill in the registration form, chat to the teacher about your goals/niggles & prepare yourself for the class.

What do I wear? Should I bring anything special?

Our studio is intended to feel low-key and welcoming, so wear whatever you feel comfortable moving in.  For hygiene & safety reasons, grip socks are mandatory for reformer classes. These are available to purchase in studio for $20. All props & equipment are provided, however, feel free to bring your own mat if you're attending a yoga class. Please bring your own water bottle to minimise our environmental footprint.

What facilities do you offer?

We provide drinking water & sweat towels but you are welcome to bring your own. We have a bathroom & changing room on site, but no showers.

How many people are in each class?

Reformer Studio - Up to seven people are able to attend a class at one time. Yoga Studio - Between 8 - 10 people depending on the class. Our studios are small and boutique and we love it that way :)

I am a total beginner and have never done much exercise... can I still join in your classes?

100% YES! Our friendly instructors are here to support you every step of the way and you can always ask for assistance if needed. All of our Yoga classes are 'open level' & the Essential Reformer classes are beginner friendly. We offer modifications, progressions & regressions to suit all levels of ability within the class. Alternatively, feel free to contact us if you would like to book in a private yoga or reformer session first before joining into a group class. Either way, you are very much welcome here & we would love to be part of your wellness journey! 

I have had a back/shoulder/neck/hip/knee/ankle injury - is Reformer Pilates good for my needs?

Yes absolutely - Reformer Pilates is a fantastic way to get you moving, strengthening & confident in your body. Please let your teacher know before the class so we can provide modifications for you. In some instances, it may not be safe or appropriate for you to join a group class & a private session may be more suitable. Please contact us if this is something you may be interested in.

Should I start with a group class or a private 1:1 session?

Completely up to you! A private session can be a wonderful way to feel more confident with using the reformer machine & trialing out some different moves & props before jumping into a group class, but it is not mandatory. Due to our small class size, it is easy for us to keep an eye on the 'newbies' & offer extra assistance if need be.

How often should I aim to do classes to get results?

Exercise is such a personal thing so this question depends on your lifestyle, your goals, what other exercise you do and how your body adapts to the workouts. However, consistency is key and between 1-3 classes per week is wonderful. 3+ classes p/w will yield great results, which is why we created our weekly membership options.Our trainers would be happy to assist you with these questions.

Do you have gift vouchers?

Yes we do, give the gift of Movement! Please email us at or talk to us in studio if you are interested. 

What does it mean "Waitlist?"

If the schedule shows as "Waitlist", this means the class is currently full but you are able to add to yourself to the Waitlist.

If there is a cancelation earlier than 12 hours before the start time of your booked class, the first person on the Waitlist will automatically be added to the class and be notified via email (check spam folder if you don't receive the email, or check on your Mindbody App). In your Mindbody profile, please tick the EMAIL box under notification preferences to ensure you receive these notifications. 

If there is a cancelation within 12 hours of the start time of class, the system will NOT automatically assume you would like to be added at such short notice. Instead, you will receive a text or phone call from us to check whether you would like to be added to the class, or not. 

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