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Studio Policies


We have a 9 hour cancellation window. Thank you for respecting our policy, this ensures everyone has a fair chance to access classes. You can cancel or reschedule a class the same way you booked in (Movement Pilates App, Momence App, or Studio Website). We can't accept cancellations/changes via email, phone or social media as these channels are not constantly monitored. 

Group Classes

Early Cancel - If you cancel at least 9 hrs prior to class start time, your pass will be returned to your account.
Late Cancel - If you cancel less than 9 hrs prior to class start time, your pass will be forfeited. 
No Show - If you do not show up & do not cancel, your will forfeit a pass. From 1 September no-shows will be charged $10.

Private Sessions: Cancellations need to be made at least 24 hours prior to avoid a 50% charge. 

We understand sometimes cancellations are unavoidable, but we need to be strict & consistent to keep it fair between clients. In exceptional circumstances the cancellation policy will be waived. This includes natural disasters, death or hospitalisation of you or direct family members. Direct family refers to parents, siblings, spouse & children. The following do not constitute as exceptional circumstances - changes in daily routine including work, school or family schedules, traffic fluctuations, difficulty finding a park, or forgetting to cancel within the timeframe.


What does it mean "Waitlist?"

If the class shows as "WAITLIST", this means the class is fully booked but you can add yourself to the Waitlist. It is definitely worth jumping on, odds are you'll get moved into the class. You will only be charged if you get off the waitlist. Clients get off the waitlist on a first-come first-serve basis.


How will you be notified?

Should a spot open up, you will receive an email & text (from SMS # 8755) confirming that you have been removed from the waitlist & added into the class. You do not need to reply to the notification, it is assumed you are attending & the system will automatically add you in up until 1 hour before class start time.


Within 1 hour of class start time --> 'Fastest Fingers'

If a spot opens up WITHIN 1 hour of class start time, the system will not automatically add you in. Instead, everyone on the waitlist will be sent an SMS & the first person to respond accepting their spot will be booked into the class. If you do not respond, you will not be added in.

IMPORTANT - Treat your waitlist like a booking

 If plans change & you can no longer attend the class, it is your responsibility to REMOVE yourself from the waitlist. The 9 hour cancellation & 'no-show' policy applies. For example, if you don't remove yourself from the waitlist & are automatically added into the class within 9 hours of class start time, you will forfeit a pass when you cancel. If you not check your email or text notification & do not show up to your class, you will forfeit a pass.


Beware - Early morning waitlists! 

If you are on the waitlist for an early morning class, please set your alarm so that you have enough time to attend incase you have been added to the class overnight. If you would prefer a sleep in, remove yourself from the waitlist before your head hits the pillow to avoid losing a pass.

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