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Welcome! Our brand new Movement Yoga studio, located in Ellerslie Village, is an inclusive, boutique and warm  space where you will feel welcome no matter your age, level of fitness or experience. 


We have a variety of yoga classes available for you to enjoy, including Vinyasa Flow, Barre, Buti Yoga, Primal Flow, Power Vinyasa, Yogalates Fusion, Restorative Yin and Stretch & Roll.

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Movement Yoga Classes


There are 5 amazing instructors, 8 different movement practices and 11 classes a week. Open to all levels.

Buti Yoga

45 mins

A soulful blend of vinyasa yoga, cardio-intensive tribal dance & deep abdominal toning set to kick-ass dance jams. This movement practice is designed to help develop body confidence, break through emotional & physical barriers & transform your body from the inside-out. 

vinyasa flow

60 mins

This dynamic style of practice links asana (postures) & breath to help build your internal fire. This flowing practice allows you to embrace the present moment. Through presence strength is built in both the body & the mind.

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primal flow

45 mins

Blends traditional Vinyasa with Buti Yoga techniques to create the perfectly balanced practice of movement & stillness for mind, body & soul. Elements of salutation variations, asana sequences, vibrational shaking, tribal dance, grounding deep stretching poses & calming shavasana meditation.

restorative yin

60-75 mins

A meditative & relaxing practice, nourishing the deeper tissues of our body, regaining ease & mobility in our joints, relieving tension & pain while calming the nervous system. Seated & lying poses are held for 3-5 minutes.

yogalates fusion

45 mins

A modern fusion of Pilates, Yoga, Barre, stretching & more! A particular focus on core strength, balance & flexibility using a variety of props such as light weights, booty bands, squishy balls & foam rollers. With flowing, dynamic moves & feel-good vibes you'll leave feeling invigorated & challenged!

power vinyasa

60 mins

Incorporates the athleticism of Ashtanga, including lots of vinyasas & longer holds, to build internal heat & improve stamina, strength & flexibility. Killer core workout at the end before settling into an endorphin filled shavasana.


45 mins

An effective full body workout to strengthen, lengthen & tone. You'll be guided through a series of low impact, high reps, moderate intensity movements  to challenge your body & mind. Using a variety of props, you'll have a fun & energising class.

stretch & roll

30 mins

This short & sweet 30 minute restorative class releases tight & tired muscles & calms the mind.  A combination of dynamic feel good stretches & self-myofascial release using foam rollers & massage balls. It not only feels amazing, but supports muscles recovery to compliment your other more 'active' classes.

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"Buti Yoga was such a Fun and uplifting class. Great for all fitness Levels, will definitely be back. A++ Shannon was full of energy and made the class so enjoyable, couldn’t stop laughing/smiling and sweating."

- Amy

- Emma

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