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Tash Kohler

Reformer Pilates Instructor

Heya! Pilates came into my life as a way of incorporating conditioning into my dance practice. I loved the way I could build strength & mobility but in such a fun & versatile way. Pilates always challenges my movement pathways & never gets boring...

I was a 'student' of pilates for many years before finally taking up training in Mat Pilates in 2018 with RISE Hot Yoga & Pilates & now, 4 years down the line, have become a reformer teacher, trained by the one & only Shannon! Which I've been absolutely loving (what a groovy machine!)

I studied contemporary dance & since completing my degree I've been working with Dance Plant Collective as a dancer, choreographer & teacher! Pilates has been an amazing addition to my dance work. I love teaching creative, dynamic classes & aim to flow through full body movement to build confidence, feel a burn, & of course invite in those endorphins.  Don't worry though...we won't be trying any tricky dance moves on the machine...or will we ;) 

Outside of pilates & dancing, I love spending time swimming at the beach, going on hikes and bush walks and trying new things! 
My current loves are roller skating, salsa dancing, reading non-fiction books & baking sourdough bread.

I can't wait to get moving together in class soon! See you there!

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