Megan Coup

Reformer Pilates Instructor

Following years of long distance running I was looking for more nurturing ways to move my body and stumbled upon pilates and yoga. I fell in love with both and felt that I had finally found practices that encouraged me to be more aware of my body and move it in ways that felt good.

I later trained as a teacher in both and after a few years of working regular jobs and teaching on the side, I decided to immerse myself completely and take up teaching full time.  

I am fascinated by all things health-related - physical, emotional and mental - and am constantly inspired by the ability of movement to transform and heal. I feel grateful to be teaching at such a beautiful, friendly studio, and blessed to have met all of the wonderful people that have walked through the doors so far.

My hope is that each person leaves the studio feeling challenged, relaxed and a little more connected to themselves.