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Reformer Pilates Instructor

Heya! I’m Brontë - Pilates Instructor & Exercise Science student at Auckland University. I absolutely love Pilates grace, strength and ability to improve our health and wellbeing.  I’m a big believer in progress over perfection. I instantly fell in love with Pilates versatility and ability to cater to all levels.


My Pilates journey began at the start of 2019 where I attended my first class. I walked out feeling absolutely ecstatic! Coming from a background of high intensity training it was a completely different yet challenging workout.


At the end of 2019 I took the punt and decided to start my reformer training. After 150+ hours of education and teaching I was qualified by the start of 2021. Through this time I have gained a wealth of experience through numerous studios but have been drawn towards Movement Pilates uplifting vibe and lovely community!

I’m so excited to see you in class and help you smash those fitness aspirations!


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