Helen Ritchie

Reformer Instructor 

Hey guys! I’m Helen a trained reformer pilates instructor and qualified physiotherapist. 


So a little about me :) I am Northern Irish born and bred (please excuse my accent if some things sound weird) but always had a desire to move to New Zealand. It has the greenery and endless beaches I love but with a lot better weather! I thought I best get my university degree first so studied in the beautiful city of Newcastle (North of England) for 3 years and then went onto work for the NHS for a further 3 years as a Physio. I loved working in the hospital but a change of scenery was definitely needed. This is when my partner and I sold our house and decided it was the perfect time to take the plunge across the world. 


This is when I discovered the wonderful world of reformer pilates with my first class actually being with Shan! I became I regular attendee of her classes and just LOVED everything about it so thought why not take another plunge and train as an instructor. Best decision ever!


Reformer pilates in my eyes should be functional and most importantly FUN where we let our bodies explore our own movement capabilities and build towards feeling stronger, not just physically but mentally too :)