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Erin Meek

Reformer Pilates Instructor

Movement has been a part of Erin’s life for as long as she can remember, with Pilates being an influence all the way through from baby ballerina to professional dancer! Erin is passionate about functional movement & feel-good fitness, & believes in movement as a gateway to vibrant living 🙌

What can we expect from your classes?
A fusion of mindful movement & dynamic routines designed to get those endorphins flowing - fostering strength, fitness, and overall well-being.

What else do you love to do?
I am an avid book reader/movie watcher. I also work in the performing arts so if I’m not dancing or acting, you’ll often find me enjoying others doing it!

A fun fact about yourself
I’ve always had an interest in native flora & fauna 🌸 If you find me in the bush, you’ll find I’m that insufferable person on the trail identifying whatever bird flies overhead!

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