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Patty Bio

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

 Photographer, videographer, yoga teacher, acrobat, and joyful soul filled with wonder. Pursuing a beautiful life of purpose, flow and freedom, Patty is called to inspire her community to reconnect to their radiance and essence through movement, awareness, and an earth-loving lifestyle. 


I see with my heart, and create art with my hands.  

I am secretly made of bread, and have an ever-growing list of hobbies. 


I consciously support incredible souls and brands who increase awareness on mental health and well-being, look after Mother Earth, and find innovative ways to strengthen authentic community and connection. I take people from a feeling of emptiness, dullness, to a place of intentional purpose, progress, and passion. I do this by creating beautiful imagery, soulful content, sharing a consistent yoga and mindfulness practice that fits into your life.