We are very lucky to have 2 beautiful studio spaces - the original Movement Pilates & the brand new Movement Yoga just 2 doors down! 

We have classes to suit all levels of fitness and experience, from beginner to advanced.

These classes will have you feeling empowered, energised & motivated to keep your body moving & mind positive! 

Classes range from 30 to 75 minutes. 


Movement Pilates Studio


Essential Reformer

A full-body workout utilising the Reformer machine and various props such as the Pilates Ring, toning ball and hand weights. Essential Reformer is designed to tone,  strengthen and lengthen throughout the whole body. This class caters for participants of a beginner/intermediate level & also pre/post natal.


Dynamic Reformer

A faster paced workout designed for injury-free clients with previous experience of Reformer Pilates. This class will elevate your heart rate using more advanced exercises, whilst targeting specific ares to create long, lean muscle tone and get results.

Private Sessions

A wonderful option as a one-off introductory session to Reformer Pilates, or as a regular weekly appointment for optimal personalisation and time flexibility. 1:1, 2:1 or private group classes for you and your friends are available for booking.


Prenatal Reformer

Designed with the guidance of a Physiotherapist and Midwife, our prenatal classes are a safe and effective way to help with pregnancy and recovery from child birth. We offer group classes and private sessions. Please contact us directly for more info, or read more on the FAQ page.

Yoga Class

Movement Yoga Studio 


Buti Yoga

45 minutes

Buti or Booty?! The word 'buti' is an Indian Marathi term for 'a cure hidden beneath the surface'. Buti Yoga is a soulful blend of vinyasa yoga, cardio-intensive tribal dance & deep abdominal toning set to kick-ass dance jams. This movement practice is designed to help develop body confidence, break through emotional physical barriers & transform your body from the inside-out. Buti is unique in that the classes are never planned & we do all the movement alongside you - we move together to the beat of the music, get out of our heads, tune into our bodies & awaken the chakras letting the energies take over. Open Level -Buti Yoga's creation is a story of organic transformation & dedication to meeting students WHERE THEY ARE.


Vinyasa Flow

60 minutes

This dynamic style of practice links asana (postures) and breath to help build your internal fire. This flowing practice allows you to embrace the present moment. Through presence strength is built in both the body and the mind. Open to all levels. 


Restorative Yin

60 - 75 minutes

Yin Yoga is a meditative and profoundly relaxing practice, nourishing the deeper tissues of our body, regaining ease and mobility in our joints, relieving tension and pain while calming the nervous system. The simple, passive, seated and lying poses are held for 3-5 minutes to stimulate the fascia tissue, while deeply restoring other areas of the body with the support of bolsters and blankets. We stimulate and enhance the flow of energy through the body to create a profound sense of calmness, focus and equanimity.


Yogalates Fusion

45 minutes

This fun open level class is a modern fusion of Pilates, Yoga, Barre, stretching and more! There is a particular focus on core strength, balance & flexibility using a variety of props such as light weights, squishy balls & foam rollers. With flowing, dynamic moves and feel-good vibes you'll leave feeling invigorated and challenged!

foam roller.jpg

Mat Pilates

45 minutes

Joseph Pilates developed this exercise methodology in the early 1900s, inspired from dance, yoga & classic calisthenics. This whole-body, low impact class will lengthen & tone your body, with particular focus on strengthening the core or 'powerhouse' - the muscles that span from your hips to your shoulders. There is also a focus on spinal mobility & postural awareness, so you'll leave feeling strong, refreshed & maybe even a little taller! Natasha enjoys incorporating techniques she trained in as a dancer to challenge coordination and to engage both the body AND mind and loves to maintain a focus on creating a fun, inspiring and open environment throughout her classes to encourage the best results for her clients. 



45 minutes

This is an effective full body workout aiming to strengthen, lengthen & tone. You'll be guided through a series of low impact, high reps, moderate intensity movements that are designed to challenge your body & mind. Using a variety of props such as light weights, squishy balls & bands you'll be sure to have a fun & energising class. Suitable for all levels - no dance experience necessary!

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Stretch & Roll

30 minutes

This short & sweet 30 minute restorative class releases tight & tired muscles & calms the mind.  A combination of dynamic & active feel good movements, massage balls, & foam rollers for self-myofascial release will not only feel amazing, but will also help increase blood flow & aid in muscle recovery! This class is hugely complimentary to your other more 'active' classes throughout the week.

Power yoga.jpg

Power Vinyasa Yoga

60 minutes

This Power vinyasa class incorporates the athleticism of Ashtanga, including lots of vinyasas (series of poses done in sequence) as well as longer holds, to build internal heat & improve stamina, strength & flexibility. Killer core workout at the end too before settling into an endorphin filled shavasana!


This open level practice will have you moving, breathing & finding your flow! Move to the music, get out of your head & into your body.

Ashtanga Yoga
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