Sacha Hughes, Founder Movement Pilates

Hi! My name is Sacha although almost everyone calls me, Sach. 


I founded Movement Pilates after years of practicing Pilates myself, starting at first when I was a wee twelve-year-old and a National Champion tennis player.


My mum thought it would be a great idea to start Reformer and that it may help develop my core strength, body awareness and conditioning. She was right...


 Since then, I have become a life long Pilates convert.

I continued pursuing tennis and was lucky enough to play tennis professionally alongside many of the best in the world, and compete in tournaments like Wimbledon and the US Open.

However, I dealt with a lot, and I mean a looootttt, of injuries. This is where Pilates helped me tremendously.

When I moved back home after retiring from the tennis tour, I wanted to find a space that was low-key and non-pretentious. Where I could train hard and apply a lot of the principals I learnt from professional sport and the experience gained training with some of the best PT's, Physio's and Pilates instructors all over the world.

I wanted to have an emphasis on breathing and focus, and on core, strength and form, all whilst keeping the classes fun, challenging and varied.

When I couldn't find it, I decided to create it!

I am a STOTT Trained Pilates Instructor, and have completed Polestar Pilates Intensive Reformer, I am a qualified PT and have trained in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy at Oxford University, UK

I truly hope that the studio and its classes will help you to feel wonderful in your body. Whether that means better posture, fitter, leaner, stronger, more toned or just all round more accepting and confident in your skin and movement.

Above this, I hope you feel welcomed and enjoy working out in this space as much as I do.

Sach x

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123 Main Highway 

Ellerslie, Auckland